African beauty pure red palm oil 1ltr

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Do you love cooking with authentic, natural ingredients, but rather than cheaper store bought oils, you would like a premium, authentic African Palm Oil? Rather than unhealthy saturated fats, would you like a pure, vitamin and antioxidant rich oil for healthy meals? If so, Praise’s African Palm Oil is the perfect cooking oil for you! Our nutrient rich African Palm Oil is a premium product and the perfect addition for a rich, authentic flavor when added to African and Caribbean dishes and everyday cooking! Naturally rich in vitamin A and E, our Palm Oil is completely cholesterol free and rich in anti-oxidants producing our Oil’s deep natural red color for a super healthy alternative to unhealthy butters and saturated fats, perfect for cooking and baking for an authentic healthy boost! Each bottle provides a long lasting 1 litre supply, in a smooth, pourable oil form, and is 100% natural and vegan without added colorings, pesticides or fertilizers, for an all natural, premium Palm Oil with a great taste! Our Palm Oil is a premium palm cooking oil with a number of notable benefits: – Natural, authentic produce of West Africa from the finest palm nuts. – Rich in antioxidants and vitamins A and E for a healthy boost. – Cholesterol free, perfect for a great tasting replacement for saturated oils. – Ultra pure Palm Oil blend, free from colorings and fertilizers. – Smooth, easy pour 1 litre supply for easy measuring for everyday cooking. If you’re tired of cheap, unhealthy oils, and would like an authentic, premium, ultra pure Palm Oil in a long lasting, easy pour supply, with rich natural flavor and a healthy,cholesterol free blend, our Palm Oil is perfect!

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