B Chicken Legs

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Frozen Chicken Drumsticks Suppliers. Buy Frozen Chicken thighs.
Appearance: without foreign colors
Aroma: the aroma of normal chicken with no stains or odors.
Texture: tender.
Freezing type: IQF.

Nutritional value per 100g of product:
Protein – not less than 20,0 g;
Fat – not more than 6 g;
Energy value  100 g – 134 kcal.

  • – well cleaned and fresh
    – no bruise
    – no broken bones (less than 0%)
    – no black flaw
    – no amount of moisture (less than 3%)
    – white skin
    – no broken bones
    – outer yellow skin off
    – well cleaned and fresh
    – no bruises
    – no black pads or ammonia burns
    – no bad smells
    – No Broken bones, Dry,
    -The humidity of less than 5%,
    – Frozen and fresh 100%
  • 100% Halal

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