Kharta Mate 250g

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It is mainly useful for indigestion and also for headaches and headaches. It can also be considered as an energy drink and alarm and also helps with weight loss, dissolves the belly without damage and lowers the blood sugar. It is said to be wholesome, nutritious, joyful and laxative. It is best to drink for a long time after eating to make it easier to digest and drink more often. The heart and nerves, such as coffee, are not caffeinated, but it activates muscles and nerves, suffers from headaches, headaches, dyspnoea and calms the brain, has a preventative effect against hunger, a diuretic, a gastrointestinal agent -Tracts. In Syria, along the coast of Tartous, Al-Qadamus, Lattakia, Homs, Salmiya, Qalamoun and Al-Suweida, it has spread easily among the governorates. Syria is the largest importer of this material and imports 15,000 tons annually. Chouf special.

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