Lamb Merguez 100% Halal

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A kicky lamb sausage, Merguez is not for the faint-hearted. It’s a powerhouse of spice, based on an Algerian recipe, rich in paprika, cayenne pepper and coriander. It’ll go great with houmous, and it’s lovely with cous cous, yoghurt, mint, and cucumber. North Africa through and through. A little tip: use the oil left over from frying these sausages to fry other things, such as eggs, to give them that extra flavour.Not suitable for home freezing. We work with smaller scale producers who can only make these brilliant sausages once a week, and to keep them as lovely as they are, they need to be frozen before they get to us. This way, we can share these sorts of brilliant things with all of you, but it means they must not be refrozen at home.100% Halal

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